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Call 1-800-528-2273 to report lost or stolen ATM or Debit Cards 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Schuyler Savings Bank sketch

Meet Schuyler

Schuyler Savings Bank Board of Directors

Alberto Alemany
George Halski
Bruce Kauffmann, Vice Chairman
George Moroses
Robert P. Mooney, Chairman

In Memoriam

Valentinas Melinis (served 1999-2007)
James Cummings (served 1995-2015)


George V. Halski, President and Chief Executive Officer
Alberto E. Alemany, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
Francesca Sgambellone, Vice President and Treasurer/Operations
Nancy Shaw, Vice President/Lending
Lilia Borges, Assistant Secretary

Originators NMLS ID's

Lilia Borges, 1035593
Alejandra Pereira, 1650901
Diana A. Rodrigues, 1033036
Rosana Galarza, 801515
Wieslawa H. Pawlowicz, 1035614
Celia P. Ribeiro, 1033038
Nancy M. Shaw, 800178
Celia Fernandes, 1084253

Schuyler Savings Bank, 507571

Photograph by Erin Beth Donnelly
Schuyler Savings Bank, founded in 1924, today is led by its Directors and Management Team (from left to right): Director George Moroses, Assistant Branch Manager Diana Guelho, Chairman of the Board Robert Mooney, Branch Manager Lilia Borges, President and CEO George Halski, Vice-President and CFO Alberto Alemany, Vice-President / Treasurer and Operation Francesca Sgambellone, Vice-Chairman Bruce Kauffmann and Vice-President / Lending Nancy Shaw.